Spoleto’s ups, downs, close shaves

The 2015 Spoleto Festival USA beat out the New York Times’ Arts and Leisure section by announcing in December that the ultra- imaginative, dance-culture -changing Trisha Brown Dance Company would perform in Charleston  May 29, 30, 31. However, it was not until Feb. 27 that the Times announced that the Trisha Brown Dance Company had organized five seminal pieces to perform May 1, 2  in New York City’s Soho district honoring the late sculptor Donald Judd, whose paintings were often used as backdrops for Brown’s dances, and in this way, was deeply  connected to the dance world for many years. Thus, a foundation was established in his name to be utilized to raise funds for the preservation of the choreography set by Brown, now 78. Those who remember Brown, in the 1970s, daring to dance with her company outdoors in the, then, dangerous neighborhood of SoHo, recall that, after executing over-the top, radicall choreography on rooftops, the dancers, using ropes and harnesses, would then literally walk perpendicularly from the top to the bottom of a building.

Spoleto’s Managing Director Nigel Redden’s impeccable, forward-thinking, will shine once more with the appearance here of the Trisha Brown Dance Company, which has traveled the world paying homage to its founder, who retired in 2011. Performing four of Brown’s postmodern works, the company will also include one of the most famous,  “Set and Reset,” with sets and costumes designed by the iconic artist Robert Rauschenberg.  And this time, rather than brightening the streets of Soho, the dancers will send their sparkle throughout  the Sottile Theatre at the College of Charleston.

Spoleto’s ups, downs, close shaves

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